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Welcome to Little Explorers Playschool. I strive to provide a safe, caring, homelike atmosphere for your children while at the same time providing for their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

As an educator it is my responsibility to understand child development to provide your child(ren) with developmentally appropriate practices for learning. Children are constantly growing and changing, and understanding these changes are important in helping guide them through these stages of their life. They are born eager to learn and it is my job to guide and facilitate that learning. They learn through play, hands-on exploration, and through interactions with others. I provide them with a safe stimulating environment that engages children’s interests in learning and exploring. I provide emotional support for them as they explore and learn. I provide a safe supportive environment for them to learn to express their thoughts and feelings as they learn to navigate those big emotions.


Families play a very important part in a child’s development. A strong positive relationship between families and educators provides a strong support network that allows us to work together to provide the best care and education for the child. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. Each family and child come from a diverse background and bring diversity into the group dynamic. I want to make sure that those diversities are seen as unique and are celebrated.


A little bit about my personal background. I moved to Kingman my 5th grade year from Haysville Ks, I have always loved Kingman. I graduated from Kingman high school in 2001. I was married and became a mom in 2002 to my son, Tristen. Unfortunately, my ex-husband chose an unhealthy lifestyle over our family, and I raised Tristen on my own. I worked, went to college to obtain my general associate degree through Friends University, and took care of my son, who struggled with ADHD and anxiety. I worked at our local Kingman Elementary School for 10 years as a special education Paraprofessional. In 2015 I married my husband, Tony. In 2017, I saw a need for a summer childcare program, just to discover I loved providing care and education in a childcare are setting. Since opening I have pursued a variety of ways to expand my knowledge in order to provide a high-quality program such as completing the Child Care Quality Initiative in 2020.  In May of 2022 I completed my Early Childhood Certification through Allen Community College.


In The



Hours of Operations

Open: 7:30 am

Close: 5:15 pm

Accepts DCF

Works with Foster Families

Breastfeeding Friendly Facility

Particiapates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program 

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